🌱Welcome to #100DaysOfProjects

Building projects can be hard. But it's an essential part of learning new things.

For some the hardest part is getting started, staying consistent, and being accountable. That's where #100DaysOfProjects comes in.

Here are some quick guide lines:
🌱 You can work on as many projects as you want. You can also stick to just one. Totally up to you😊
🌱 Share your progress on social media
🌱 Use the #100DaysOfProjects hashtag
🌱 Be kind to other and respect their progress, no matter how big or small
🌱 Work on your project everyday! Consistency is key!
🌱 Have fun!

Photo Cred: Markus Spiske

This challenge was started by Ceora Ford. Check out her website here.